OpenBveTrainSim\OBTS allows driving a chosen train & route combination; it runs on Windows7\8\10. OBTS Apps & AddOns are without any registered CopyRight\Patent\TradeMark & free to DownLoad\Use\Modify\UpLoad\Share.

Wiki Rules

All are encouraged to constructively contribute\edit wiki pages as desired; see links at TopRight of this page to Register\LogIn.
Create 1 page per Region, 1 paragraph per Train\Route AddOn, or just add to an existing page or paragraph.
This wiki does not host AddOns directly; upload the ZIP\7Z\RAR... to a server or your own site & post the link here.
MemberShip\PassWord\Pay requirements for AddOns are discouraged; blatant Commercial\Political\Religious\... entries will be deleted.
Post a Description & DownLink for each currently downloadable AddOn; nonlinkable PreViews\PreAnnouncements\Alphas\... will be deleted.
Before deleting a DeadLink, try Reviving it if possible from the WebArchive.
This wiki is not a social forum; use your favorite OBTS forum for Announcements\Discussion\Questions\Requests\...
Requests to "Add This \ Build This" are not tolerated; AddOns are Developed+Published at the authors Discretion\Time\Expense; accept that.
Malicious Edits\Flames\Spam... are not tolerated; Trolls\Vandals are banned without warning.